Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dancing in the rain

This is a turbulent time. A new semester has begun for many, and a new school year is often filled with the anxiety of preparation for things yet unknown. Times of growth and change and the unknown are always a bit scary.

Hurricane Isaac is thrashing in the Gulf, seven years after Katrina. Clearly, this is another time of unknown. 

My dear friend Julie reflected on this: 

What does this have to do with dance?

Our mental, energetic, and physical bodies are interconnected. Have you ever had an injury or been sick? How does this effect your ability to do mental work? How does this make you feel emotionally? Your physical body effects your mental and energetic body.

Or, what about a time when you were very sad or excited? Were you very tired if you were sad? Were you very bouncy if you were happy? How did this effecting your mind?

Likewise, have you ever studied very hard for a test or worked on a problem for a long time only to discover that you were quite tired after the process had ended? (or quite energized?)

When we're taking a dance class, the state of our mental and emotional bodies effects the freedom and ability to move of our physical body. When we are fully engaged in the dance, our physical bodies, minds, and emotions align. Like the hurricane, we've found our center. It takes time, though, to work through to turbulence  And patience. And acceptance, like Julie writes.

Next time you're struggling with a balance or a turn, notice what else is happening. Are you getting frustrated and therefore raising/ tensing your shoulders? Have you stopped breathing? Both of these actions create a rigidity that restricts movement and, in essence, will be counter productive. Take a minute to be patient and aware and try it again.

Keep showing up to the practice, to all of your bodies, and to the dance. And know that irregardless of the storm, you (we) can trust in the dance. (And maybe even learn to dance in the rain).

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