Thursday, November 28, 2013

Performance reflections

In reflecting on the performance at Widener, my students commented that for this particular show, they "really felt like they were onstage, together, as a group. Like no matter what happened, or even when I was in front and couldn't see anyone else, I knew that we were together. It was a really incredible feeling and brought us together." Many of them echoed similar feelings.

Dance is a form of community building. This semester, in addition to developing technique and performance practice, we focused on opening up our awareness to pay attention to other dancers on stage. Reflecting on the past few months as a whole, I've been working on this as an educator and as a performer, myself.

I'm including the video from the performance. I also showed the quotes from the previous post.

Thanks, Dancers!

(I have permission from my dancers to publish their performance and their names.)

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