Monday, February 3, 2014

It's a blizzard-y, blustery February! Upcoming Events

Snow drifts swirl. Ice coated limbs threaten to break in the wind. I hope you're staying warm and safe! February has announced her arrival - and it's going to be busy! (I'll take some time in the coming weeks and months to reflect, post-performance... thanks for staying in touch!)

So, here's the line-up:

Dance/UP (Dance/ USA Philadelphia) is once again sponsoring Dance in Public Places. This is an awesome opportunity for the public to see the creative process in action. Stop by the 2nd level of the Gallery at Market East and check out art in action all month! Here's the link for more information and the line up of artists - Dance in Public Places
I'll be there-
Thursday, 2/6 with freSH|blood
Thursday, 2/6 with the Nora Gibson Performance Project
Friday 2/7 with Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers
Thursday, 2/13 with freSH|blood
Thursday, 2/20 with the Nora Gibson Performance Project
Friday, 2/28 with Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers

NGPP at Dance in Public Places in 2011. Photo by Bill H.

NGPP at Dance in Public Places in 2011. Photo by Bill H. 

NGPP at Dance in Public Places in 2011.
Photo by Bill H. 


Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers is performing at Temple University's Faculty Dance Concert on Feb. 7th & 8th.
Liu Mo will be performing Moon Dance (one of my favorite KYL/D pieces - you've got to see it!) and the company will be presenting an excerpt of Be/Longing. The concert will also feature works by Temple Faculty and guest artist Larry Keigwin. Check out Keigwin and Company and get your tickets here.

Here's a short clip of Be/Longing  from our performance at APAP. (Click the link to go to the Instagram video).

Photo by Matthew Wright
Liu Mo in Kun-Yang Lin's Moon Dance. Photo by Lindsay Browning


Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers will be presenting a lecture/ demonstration at The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush on Feb. 14th. Dancing is a great way to celebrate Valentines' Day!


The Nora Gibson Performance Project premiers Temporal Objects, February 27-March 1 at the Performance Garage. Presented by Philadelphia Dance Projects with John Scott from Dublin, Ireland. Of Temporal Objects, Nora writes, "This half-evening length piece has grown out of my interest in fugue analysis, and my work with lighting designer, Clifford Greer, to integrate lighting and choerography as equal voices in the work. As the piece developed, those foundational elements led to further questions about how time and memory are perceived, as the manipulation of light and movement patterns began to resemble instances of recollection in the mind, and how memories, themselves are replayed and re-patterned. Elements from distant points in time: the baroque, romantic era, and the present were invited into the same moment as objects co-existing in the conscious mind." Get your tickets here.


Interested in taking class with me? I'm teaching:
   Intermediate/ Advanced Modern Dance at CHI MAC Tuesday 2/11 & 2/18 from 4-5:30pm
   Ballet Barre every Saturday morning 11:30-12:15pm at CHI MAC
   Dance for PD, every Saturday morning 10:30-11:30am at CHI MAC
Check KYL/D's class schedule for more details about classes at CHI MAC and the other amazing artists who are teaching: CHI MAC Class Schedule

And if that's not enough dance for you, check out Merilyn Jackson's preview of Philly Dance for the Spring season in the Inquirer: Dance Preview

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