Friday, September 26, 2014

Remembering Germany

At the end of August, KYL/D performed at the International Tanzmesse Festival in Germany. The stage and the studios were beautiful and a dream to dance in and on! Thank you to everyone who supported us on our journey!

If a picture's worth a thousand words, I'll share some instead of trying to translate them into words:

Series 1: Architecture.
The architecture was beautiful and inspiring. Buildings that look like the coo-coo clocks I grew up with lined the streets. They were complimented by many contemporary buildings that boasted the same grandeur, but with a very different aesthetic perspective.

Series 2: The Dance Spaces
From my understanding, the Art is government sponsored. The studios and the theatre spaces were soft, inviting, and breathtaking. They begged to be danced in and created in. The Tanzhaus (Dance house) had several spaces like the one in which we rehearsed and there were posters all over the city with information on the space and the performances it was hosting.

Snacks in the dressing room provided by our hosts! Thank you!

Wally and Stephen (KYL/D's lighting designer) backstage

The lighting grid


This way to the stage!

Backstage while the crew was mopping the floor

On our way!

Studio rehearsal

Beautiful space! Check out the windows and the skylights!

Series 3: The People
Thanks to the KYL/D family for your openness, honestly, adventure, and sensitivity during this trip! We had a lot of fun not only dancing together, but growing as a company!

Post-performance imitation of the festival poster

Boat trip

Navigating the streets to find the Bikram Yoga studio (yep! Dancers are always on the move!)

Post performance group shot

Dress rehearsal - Mandala Project 3 by Kun-Yang Lin

Dress rehearsal - Mandala Project 3 by Kun-Yang Lin

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