Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Women Owned Businesses

November 18th is/was Women's Entrepreneurship Day. March is/was Women's Month.

To round out Women's Month, below is a list of women owned businesses and services from people who added their voice to a discussion I started on Nov 18th, 2016. I've tried to "categorize" these for an ease of use, but, like each individual woman, the work they/we do is quite unique. In business as in life, we wear many hats. So, under Dance Companies/ Artists you'll find not only choreographers and companies, but women who are also teachers, mentors, lighting designers, music editors, curators, writers, mothers...

I've listed the name of the owner of the business first - without the woman, the business wouldn't exist! Then, a link to their webpage for more information, followed by their primary location. However, if you're really interested in working with Helen Hale and you're in Michigan, give her a call, shoot her an email, look her up! The world is growing smaller and, like Natalie Lovejoy who can teach music lessons through SKYPE, we can be almost anywhere at any time. Distance is no longer an obstacle - it's the personal touch and the humanity of each of these women that I think makes the difference in "business" and "busyness".

This list is by no means comprehensive or curated to suggest and support my most favorite people (although many of the women who participated are my favorite people). It's an element of a much larger conversation. In the mean time, try some yoga with Julie, get a marketing consultation with Angelina, settle in with Kirsten's writing... and add your voice in the comments!

Amy Cuddy - The Art of Power Posing.
Helen Faller - Cultural Copilot. All over! (Grant writing, editing)
Kirsten Kaschock - thINKingDANCE.

Angelina Savage - First Position Communications. All over!

Dance Companies/ Artists
Alex Pobeidzinski - danceETHOS Performance Company. Allentown, PA.
Beth Formica Bender - Dynamic Dance Artist. Philadelphia, PA.
Mishi Castroverde - Mishi Dance. NYC, NY.
Helen Hale - Helen Hale Dance. Philadelphia, PA.
Evalina Carbonell - Evalina Carbonell. Philadelphia, PA.
Lauren Putty White - Putty Dance Project. Philadelphia, PA.
Jennifer Yackel - JDY Dance. Philadelphia, PA.
Melissa Chisena - Chisena Danza. Philadelphia, PA.
Olive Prince - Olive Prince Dance. Philadelphia, PA.
Cassandra Cotta - 5th Digit Dance. NYC, NY.
Madhusmita Bora - Sattriya Dance Company. Philadelphia, PA.
Becca Weber - Somanaut Dance. Philadelphia, PA.
Keila Cordova - 3 Pony Show/ Keila Cordova Dances. Philadelphia, PA.
Maria Bauman - MB Dance. Philadelphia, PA.
Kate Abernathy & Melissa Cameron - Birds on a Wire. Philadelphia, PA.
Annielille Gavino - MalayaWorks. Philadelphia, PA.
Zornitsa Stoyanova - Here Begin Dance. Philadelphia, PA.
Laura Katz - Choreographer, scholar, pedagogue. Philadelphia, PA.
Nora Gibson - Nora Gibson Contemporary Ballet. Philadelphia, PA.
Jessica Warchal-King - The Embodiment Project. Philadelphia, PA.

Dance Studios
Melissa Emick Hottenstein - Endless Mountains Dance Center. Towanda, PA.
Muyu Yuan - L & M Dance Studio. Philadelphia, PA.
Victoria Owens - Abundance Center for the Performing Arts. Chester, PA.

Dance Training, Performance Opportunities, & Resources
Angelina Young Savage - Resonance Tap. Pittsburg, PA & all over!
Angelina Young Savage - NETapCo.
Melissa Chisena - Evening of Duets. Philadelphia, PA.
Melissa Chisena - Philly Youth Dance Fest. Philadelphia, PA.
Jessica Marino - JAM Dancer. All over!

Health & Wellness
Kelly Spiece Prentice - Bajia Initiative. Easton, PA. (Shifting the Health Paradigm - Workplace Wellness)
Alyssandra Doherty - Healthy, Fit, & Balanced. Philadelphia, PA.
Kelly Adorno - Movement Source Pilates. Philadelphia, PA.
Julie Weiss - Yoga with Julie.

Lighting Design
Alyssandra Doherty - Lighting Design. Philadelphia, PA
Jimena Alviar - ja Dance Company

Natalie Lovejoy - Natalie Lovejoy Music. NYC, NY. (Teaching, Composing, online distance lessons)

Ellen Rosenberg - Ellen Rosenberg Photography. Philadelphia, PA & New Orleans, LA.
Kaitlin Chow - KChow Studios. Philadelphia, PA.

Becca Ehrilch - Zion Lutheran Church. Clarence Center, NY. (First female Lutheran Pastor)

Lisa Brewer - Salon Bella. Broomall, PA.

Diane Baren - Sadies Place for Veterans. All over!

Visual Artistry and Craft
Beth Formica Bender - Sawdust Siren. Philadelphia, PA.
Tatiana Hassan - Artist.


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