Friday, April 4, 2014

Reviews from KYL/D's Be/Longing: Light/ Shadow

I'm still processing the performance and experience of KYL/D's Be/Longing: Light/Shadow. But, some of the review have been published and I wanted to share some of my favorite moments from reading the authors' perceptions. As in much of what I read about dance and the non-dance world, my thoughts are piqued with some of these writings and impressions. More of my own thoughts to come as to how these writings and Kun-Yang's work pushes the field. But for now, you can read the reviews and develop your own thoughts.

Did you see the performance? What do you infer from the reviews and the work?

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

"a chiaroscuro of light and dark, movement and stillness, inhaling and exhaling, sound and silence."

"dancers who tap into a reverence for humanity while exemplifying excellent modern technique and ensemble dancing"

"all gave their full selves to the work's rigorous demands"

From Kun-Yang Lin, a premier of contrasts by Merilyn Jackson

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From the Dance Journal:

"We could be at a yoga studio, or a modern dance class, or even just Whole Foods (which might explain why everyone is so good looking and in such great shape)..."

"it is particularly successful in synthesizing both ethnographic and somatic strands of research - an in turning the results of this research into a stunning display of technique and artistry that transports the audience into another place, and ultimately into themselves."

"Dancer Jessica Warchal-King emerges from the group, both physically and technically, early on. She kicks backwards ferociously like an enraged farm animal, then dives into a fluid back roll, pausing on her shoulder with one leg in the air before flicking her foot at the audience. She dances like a rubber band: strong, flexible, capable of creating just about any shape, yet always ready to snap."

"Partnering sections challenge conventional male/female pair ups and the women of the company do just as much heavy lifting as the men."

"it is clear that Lin's work is an act of selflessness, an act of love. The dance - even as beautiful, unexpected, and breathtaking as it is - is just a medium for communication and we are all invited to take part in the conversation."

Read more:
Review - Be/Longing: Light/Shadow by Kat Richter

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From Cheyney University News:

"artistic masterpiece of poetic movements and innovative sounds"

Read more:
Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers Mesmerize the Crowd by Angelitta Anderson

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