Friday, April 4, 2014

Reviews from Nora Gibson's Temporal Objects and conversation starters on contemporary ballet

Nora Gibson's Temporal Objects received a lot of press. More thoughts to follow on the dialogue that the work has created among those who wrote about it and how I respond to their views, aesthetic, and how the conversation pushes the field further... but for now, here are a few of my favorite press quotes with links to the full articles.

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From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

"devotion to technique, razor-sharp dancing, and a laserlike vision of each work's arc."

"Jessica Warchal-King was the principal cog in the Gibson machine... Erin Gallagher, Melissa McCarten, and Meredith Stapleton wheeled around with the intensity the piece demanded. Gibson, a small dynamo, was most fascinating to watch."

Read more:
An International Dance Pairing - Review from the Philly Inquirer by Merilyn Jackson

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From the Philadelphia Dance Journal:

"Gibson('s) performance style somehow combines the intense gaze of a tightly coiled bunhead with the fluidity of a more pedestrian vocabulary."

"interesting break from tradition"

Read more:
Philadelphia Dance Projects offers up Philadelphia's own Nora Gibson and Ireland's John Scott by Kat Richter

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From the Dance Journal's Student Author program:


"Each dancer moved in their individual style and brought the ballet vocabulary to life."

 "pure beauty of the various lines within the dancing body"

Read more:
Two Choreographers Emphasize the Allure of the Focused Dancer by Mackenzie Holmes

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From thINKingDANCE:

"formalism, precision, and fascination with repetition"

"the unfrilly look of Balanchine ballerinas, but with a physical variety Mr. B would not have accommodated" (Hurrah for diversity on stage! - exclamation my own)

"intensity and dramatic changes"

Read more here:
Cold, Hot and In-Between by Lisa Kraus

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