Tuesday, March 8, 2016

One day, many events, many stories

Today is International Women's Day. 
Today is National Arts Advocacy Day. 
Today is another day of presidential primaries. 

I wonder what the future political climate will hold for both women and the arts. 

I don't have any answers, and my questions aren't new.

Will there be funding for arts in education?
Will there be funding for cultural ambassadors?
What will the quality of the arts become without support?
How can an intelligent, holistic society exist in the absence of art? Without access to art?
How will the role of women in the workforce change or grow?
Will more women participate in leadership roles in government, in our communities, in businesses? 
How long will the debate over women's health care be an issue? 
When will our society stop talking about domestic violence and begin acting on positive social change? 

There are more questions... And I recognize that steps, no matter how small, are being taken. But as I listened to the commentary from the primaries, I found myself unconsciously gritting my teeth in frustration and holding my breath, as if to protect myself from the radio. (Our bodies tell our stories). 

Our bodies tell our stories and dance has the power to reveal these stories through movement and artistic expression.  

A dear friend once said, "Politicians have platforms. Artists create space to ask questions and create conversation that can then promote change."

In a moment when I ask "what can I do?" I am reminded of the power of art. And the power of women. 

Here's to March 8, 2016 and what lies beyond...

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