Wednesday, February 24, 2016

KYL/D's 27th (!) InHale Performance Series & "Unspoken"

The early 2016 excitement of performances culminates this Friday at KYL/D's InHale Performance Series.

I've written much about how meaningful this series is to me. For this performance, I'm especially excited to share more research on HomeFrontLines with Unspoken: Everyday Hope.

Katherine, Melissa, and I have taken some of the lessons learned from the performance of Unspoken at An Evening of Duets and continued to research the work. In a review of the show, Megan Stern wrote of Unspoken: "Rather than portraying a relationship, the dancers highlight and illuminate each other, but seem to exist in different realms." Thanks, Megan, for getting the work! (We were playing with the idea that two individuals could be experiencing the same "thing" but in different times and spaces. More specifically, I am interested in understanding the way that military people/ families/ spouses can feel isolated, despite having peers in similar situations. I've been interested in this time/space continuum and how it relates to the way we approach or shy away from relationships for some time now.)

Read more: Evening of Duets Review

But there's more than just my work at this Friday's InHale!

Get your tickets: KYL/D's InHale on the DanceBoxOffice

Check out the artists:

And here are a few moments that Bill Hebert caught from Unspoken at An Evening of Duets: 

Isolation... Of the foot

I love Katherine and Melissa for their discipline to technique, craft, and individual expression of their artistry!

Vulnerability. Questioning. Power. 

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