Monday, February 1, 2016

Evening of Duets

I've been hesitant to talk, privately and publicly, about my dreams and work for HomeFrontLines

I've been pushed and prodded by the Universe to get this project in motion and more information will be forthcoming. 

But for now...

I'm honored to be presenting part of the project at Philly's annual "An Evening of Duets" presented by Melissa Chisena. This particular program has a(n) unique line-up of artists from Philadelphia, NYC, and DC. (Grammar side note - an extensive Google search couldn't answer my inquiry of "does 'unique' need 'an' or 'a'?" to personal satisfaction... So, readers, you choose.)

Melissa has invited me to share "Unspoken". This is a new work featuring the artistry of Katherine Kiefer Stark and Melissa McCarten. With it, I'm still exploring what it means to be on the other side of the military and how families (more specifically women) negotiate persistence, courage, fear, isolation, and connection. 
Read more about the other companies in the Evening of Duets Press Release

Get your tickets here

And check out more information about the companies and the performance: Evening of Duets website

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