Sunday, March 9, 2014

More Light to be Present: Collages 1

An acupuncturist recommended that during the winter, I eat warm foods and try to spend a few minutes in the sun everyday. "It's hard when it's so cold," she admitted, "but it helps to have a dog." Dogs make everything a little brighter, even the dark days of winter. And they do require time outside, but it's hard to chase balls or frisbees when there's a foot of snow on the ground. 

But, the seasons are again changing and it's time again to change the clocks, look to spring, and create new changes and adventures. Change reminds me to be present.

"The creative mind is wired with the ability to feel with great depth and passion. Creative people often experience the world in a way we call skinless - as if they lack the protective shield and instinctive filtering that we normally use to cope with the barrage of sensory information that comes at us all.... good strategies for managing this hypersensitivity... (develop) creativity" ~Jeff and Julie Crabtree 

Change demands awareness and presence. Change means new experiences to process. Change means endings. Moving from the studio into the theatre: changing space, changing environments. Change means finding a sense of self in the constant motion: grounding. Change means new beginnings, adventures, and stories that have to be created.  

Photo by Zac Gotlib

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