Thursday, March 13, 2014

Where do you BeLong?

I continue to learn about myself through each process. The journey is exciting. I appreciate the opportunity to learn about the people who are on this journey with me. Here are some more behind-the-scenes insights into our own processes as artists in working with KYL/D on Be/Longing: Light/Shadow.

"Our dancing journey isn't that really different from anybody's life journey. For me, dance and life are one in the same. Dance is a reflection of that vigor for life..." ~Evalina (Wally) Carbonell


"(In this work) we are connecting with being dancers, but still being human. Dancers are interesting people. We exist in a world where there is never enough. We're always pushing limits, pushing our bodies, pushing the way we think about things..." ~Eiren Shuman


"The work here (with KYL/D) is very unique. There's a certain intention that's required for everything. It's no longer just about movement.... It's shifted my way of thinking, in the way that I approach my work. Working with him (Kun-Yang) has definitely changed my approach to life, in general."


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