Thursday, March 20, 2014

Taking the stage

We've been in the theatre all week for tech - lighting, sound, spacing, getting used to the distance between the audience and us as performers. These are all elements that can only exist in the theatre.

In the studio, we've been doing a lot of physical, intellectual, and emotional research to prepare for this step. This week, we have a few days to investigate how this research will translate in this space. The Mandell Theater is beautiful. Cory Neale's sound design fills the space. Stepen Petrilli's lighting design adds magic.

In this article: Metro Philly KYL/D Be/Longing Kun-Yang discusses some of his inspiration points and his research process.

And below is a link to more research:

Yes, that's me screaming. (As several students at a recent lecture that I presented with Executive Director Ken Mentzner asked.) And I don't usually scream, or get really angry for that matter. But this process has challenged me to ask some hard questions and return with some difficult, honest answers. I've been challenged to reflect on who I am, who I was, and who I want to become. Where do I belong and how do I create a world in which I want to live? How do I be strong within myself and maintain a sense of gentle compassion? Of what am I scared and from what do I hide - how do I confront these and move beyond them? In our world, especially in light of recent events in Europe, these questions become relevant on a micro and macro level.

Please join me this weekend. In the words of my fellow artist, Liu Mo, Be/Longing: Light/ Shadow is:
"a really strong emotional dance piece..."

Get tickets here.

See you in the theatre!

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