Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Simple reminders

It's pretty normal for dancers to be self-critical and self-judgmental. We're always looking in the mirror. We're always in class - a situation that's set up to learn and grow from trail and error. We're always striving to be a little bit better - every day - in our artistry and technique.

(Shoot - with all of the media images bombarding us, it's pretty normal for anyone to be self-critical...)

I visited an organic farm stand today and purchased the most delicious strawberries I've ever had! I was surprised at how small they were - not the big, plump, perfect red strawberries that line the shelves in the grocery store. These strawberries were smaller, not heart shaped, but round and bumpy. Some of the seeds were clustered on one side, instead of evenly spread out. But they were the best tasting strawberries!

And I began to remember that one of the most wonderful aspects of this world is our diversity. Of thought, of culture, of background, of language, of cooking, of music...

Of strawberries and of dancing bodies on stage.

Perspective comes in all shapes and sizes.

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