Thursday, July 31, 2014

Out of Darkness - Photo exhibit with Brian Mengini

Out of Darkness is Brian Mengini's latest project. Working with him is always really special because in addition to being an incredible dance photographer, he creates some projects that are emotionally powerful and socially meaningful. I'm honored to be a part of this project, dedicated to his mother and step-father as they battle his step-father's cancer together.

For this shoot, Brian gave me the direction that he was interested in strength and vulnerability. He had no specific moments he wanted to catch; he just wanted me to improvise with the intention of the project and we would see what happened.

Although I needed to be aware of my space, my light, the slightly slipperiness of the background, and the lines I was creating for a visual pathway in space, I appreciated the ability to physically investigate and work through some of my own emotional and physical challenges that have been circling in my kinesphere. Dancing brings a unique moment of awareness - internally and externally. And although this was Brian's project, I am grateful to share an element of my own stories, even as they continue to unfold.

A loud rock station played on the radio and engulfed the space, but I had a separate, internal soundtrack.

The subject matter was serious, but I had a lot of fun with Brian's little boy. He was so full of curiosity and wonder and life! Thanks, Brian, for the opportunity to celebrate challenges, pain, and uninhibited joy! 

Come see the exhibit - August 1st, 6-9pm at his studio! It's open to the public and should be a lot of fun!

Here's the link to his website:
Brian Mengini

Monday, July 21, 2014

It's the biggest European Festival..!

...and KYL/D is going!

KYL/D is ONE of THREE US companies invited to participate in this super awesome, amazing festival of dance! Please help us get there! (All contributions big and small are appreciated! Thank you for helping us share the artistry of KYL/D with the world!)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Upcoming Performances - Philly, NYC, & Germany

So much dancing excitement happening in the next few weeks! Please share some time and space and creative energy with me!

In Philly - I'm continuing to perform and explore creative space with Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers (KYL/D) and the Nora Gibson Performance Project (NGPP). Both companies will be performing at the Koresh Come Together Festival at the Suzanne Roberts Theater in Philly. This is the second year that the Koresh Dance Company has brought together over 20 Philly-based companies to perform at this incredible venue. Last year, the community vibe back stage was so incredibly supportive - I'm excited to be a part of this again! KYL/D is performing two different works - one on Wednesday, July 23rd and the second on Saturday, July 26th. NGPP is performing on Friday, July 25th, and Nora has us back en pointe! Here's more information on the performance and tickets: Come Together Festival 2014

In NYC - Lincoln Center!! KYL/D has been invited to perform at the Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors Festival! We're part of three weeks of world-class performances in the plazas. We perform on August 7th at 7:30pm and it's Free! We've been digging deeper into Be/Longing 2 and I'm really excited to share this work at this level. Here's more on the performance: Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors Festival

In Germany - KYL/D is one of three US companies to be invited to the international tanzmesse festival in Germany. This is KYL/D's (and my) Eurpoean debut! We're sharing Mandala Project, which is a piece that we've also shared with the people of Indonesia in 2011, and Philly in 2011 and 2013, and NYC in 2012. As we're re-investigating this piece, Kun-Yang has been challenging us to find a deeper connection to the mandala, to our communities, and to the way that we "talk" about our work through our movement. Personally, I love this piece! Through the audience feedback and the performance process, Mandala Project has revealed to me the ability and power of live performance to create connection and community between performers, between performers and audience, and between audience members. I'll be sharing more about this process as we journey closer - stay tuned! 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

Earlier this week, I took a Zumba class in Spanish, a Chinese Dance workshop, and learned the Foxtrot and the Rumba, all in one day.

Language barriers (I'm learning Spanish, but I'm not fluent. And I don't understand Mandarin.), different movement vocabularies, and various social and cultural backgrounds didn't prevent people from coming together to dance. To celebrate the joy of the moving body and the freedom to gather in a safe space!

In this same space, there was no threat of violence or judgement. And the only suggestions of fear were a few hesitations of new dancers to begin... only to be released once the music and the movement began to flow. As I moved with these communities, the gift of this freedom overwhelmed me.

Thank you, to everyone who sacrificed, so that we may come together to celebrate, and to dance.