Friday, June 22, 2018

SoLow Fest tomorrow

"I loved the movement vocabulary as well as the execution of the movement."
My favorite part was... "movement from standing to floor and up again"

The artist is trying to communicate...
"Glad to be alive"
"I saw moments that were calm as well as moments of anxiety. It felt as though there was a struggle between feeling excited for something new, but also fearful of change, something unknown. In the end, I felt acceptance as if the artist was acknowledging that we, the audience, saw the journey"

The previous quotes are feedback nuggets that I received from my InHale/ ExHale performance of "Stained Glass" (written feedback prompts provided by KYL/D's feedback forms are in italic).

"Stained Glass" photo by Mike Hurwitz

I'm showing "Stained Glass" again this weekend as part of another performance series/ festival. SoLow Fest is dedicated to the solo form and Little Things is dedicated to the relationship between mother and child. We're donating the proceeds to Mary's Shelter in Reading, PA. Mary's Shelter is an organization that helps mothers and pregnant women in need.

This wasn't initially meant as a response to the country's current crisis of separating families at the border, but the timing is appropriate.


Join us Saturday at Little Things.
When? Saturday, June 23rd at 2 & 4pm
Where? Ballroom Philadelphia, 1207 Gerrit St, Philadelphia, Pa 19147
Run time? appx 45 min
Family friendly? Yes.
Cost? $10 Suggested donation or pay what you can. Proceeds benefit Mary's Shelter in Reading, PA.
Other things? Parking is limited and traffic is tight. Plan extra time. Late comers won't be permitted.