Wednesday, November 3, 2021

November events

 Violins of Hope performance: November 4th, Alvernia University Francis Hall

The Cherry Orchard, presented by Alvernia Theatre: November 4-13 (I worked with the actors to create several dances)

We Are StarDust Workshop presented by Widener University. Burst 1: My Body, A Star: November 14, Widener University Dance Studio

Mixed MESSages presented by Reading Theater Project: November 18-21 

Alvernia University Winter Concert: December 4, 3pm, Francis Hall Theatre

Preventing Violence through Dance - October

 Over the summer, I was invited to be a part of the Dance Committee for the YWCA's Week Without Violence Block Party. 

What an incredible experience of bringing together so many people, types of dance, and backgrounds for this events!

Elise Chesson, the Chief Advancement Officer of the YWCA to talk about the event on The Greater Reading Area Dance Exchange on You can watch that here:

And - learn the dance because we'll be bringing it to the streets of Reading in the spring!