Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Dance as Service

 1/17 was Martin Luther King, Jr Day. 

A day of service and reflection. An opportunity to take steps in creating a more just world. 

I was honored to be a part of Alvernia University's Day of Service through dance. I've long-proclaimed that dance can be a form of service to ourselves and our communities. I'm grateful that Alvernia's Office of Mission and Ministry supports this idea. Move and be moved with me:

Sunday, January 16, 2022

I made something for you

I made something for you. 

You might remember that I consider myself a collage artist. If you've seen my work or read anything else on this blog, you know that I gather information and make sense of the correlations through my artistry. 

It's hard to do that these days... but I'm still gathering. 


I made this for you. The quote is from The Conscious Dancer newsletter (check it out). The images are stock from Canva. Canva's a fun way to collage when I can't create dances in the ways that I've been trained. Thanks, Canva and forms of digital communication.