Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Shed - research

SHED - \'shed\

1. Verb (1)
a. to set apart. to cause to be dispersed without penetrating (duck's plumage sheds water). c. to cause *blood* to flow by cutting or wounding. d. to pour forth in drops (shed tears). e. to give off or out (shed some light on the subject). f. to give off, discharge or expel from the body of a plant or animal such as to eject, slough off, or lose as part of the normal process of life or to discharge usually gradually especially as part of a pathological process. g. to rid oneself of temporarily or permaently as superfluous or unwanted.

2. Verb, intransitive (2)
a. to pour out. b. to become dispersed. c. to cast off some natural covering (such as fur or skin). d. to cause death by violence.

3. Verb, (3)
to put or house in a shed.

4.. Noun (1)
a. obsolete. b. something that is discarded. c. a divide of land

5. Noun (2)
a. a slight structure build for shelter or storage. b. a building that resembles a shed. c. hut

6. A Dance (1)
Shed is a contemporary dance solo that will premier as part of the Reading Theater Project's 5-Minute Fringe Festival. Get your tickets here.