Saturday, November 18, 2023

New research, new logo. #NovemberRe(new)al

In researching design for business, I've found that dates are often associated with campaigns. 

As a creative entrepreneur, my research and development (in essence, a campaign) to create a series of products (staged performances) doesn't always align with calendar dates. 

The creative process has its own timeline. 

Artists listen to the work. Pay attention to the needs of the work. Adjust and adapt. Reframe. Rework. Renew. 

Capitalism and academia declare that we have deadlines. Life and creativity don't always fit into their neat models (but we try). 

Close cut to JCWK Dance Lab's work. I expected the "We Are StarDust" campaign to last 3-5 years at its inception. That's a long time for R & D. 

But here we are in 2023 and I've fallen from the stars to the earth with an interest in soil regeneration, agriculture and sustainable models for life, business, and food. 

I've also partnered with JerseyInk to do a super-quick merch sale. (Check out the Joy Looks Good on You post... because it does!)

To honor the process, I've decided to slightly alter JCWK Dance Lab's logo to reflect our current research. We're looking at soil regeneration, socio-cultural regeneration, business regeneration, and the sharing of stories across generations with our Cultural Exchange at The Heritage of Green Hills. 

I don't know how long this particular campaign will go on, but I'm excited. 

So, for this research period, JCWK Dance Lab's logo looks a little bit different. Get your merch now because it'll be different again in a little bit. You can track time and your journey with us through merch and our logo. 

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Thanks, BerkOne and JerseyInk for creating Kinesthetic Stories!

In light of our acceptance to the International Human Rights Arts Festival, a friend asked if I could give them something tangible - a card or physical advertisement - to share with their family who lived in the area of the venue. 

I hadn't thought of creating a postcard for our local friends because the festival is in NYC and is doing their own marketing. We live in a digital world and printing is sometimes a questionable use of resources and impact. Research suggests that most printed materials get thrown out and not recycled appropriately. BUT, research also shows that tangible reminders create cognitive and emotional connections to a brand. (Read more on the science here.)

Great idea, Friend! Your suggestion developed an opportunity to 1) create a reminder of several of the projects we have going on right now, 2) increase our brand awareness, and 3) further Connect with our communities through Kinesthetic stories (now, tangible products, instead of movement).

So, I went to work. 

The team at BerkOne printed these quickly and beautifully. Thank you for helping us to share our Joy by Connecting with our communities in a tangible way! 

Another local company, JerseyInk, has been working diligently with us to develop some swag with our latest logo. I'm learning to listen to my communities and what they need. Read more about that process here. 

In addition to advertising the IHRAF, the post card allowed me to create a reminder for our online store, which is running for a limited time, right before the festival. Click here to check it out. 

Check out the postcards: 

Thanks, BerkOne! Thanks, JerseyInk! Thanks, Friends, for inspiring me to think and work differently than I would have on my own!

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Joy looks good on you!

For a limited time (only until November 27!) JCWK Dance Lab swag with our current research logo is available.

I'm making small adjustments to our logo as we embark on a new campaign and adventure. You can still get some "We Are StarDust" gear by clicking here. 

Click here to get your Regeneration inspired merch! 

So... why swag and why now? 

As JCWK Dance Lab is growing - in our artistry and in our outreach, I recognize that branding is important. Visual elements - like clothing - build community and create a sense of belonging. So many people are personally supporting our work and mission on a weekly basis. I want to say "thank you" by creating a visual expression for us to physically support each other and be reminded of JCWK Dance Lab's mission of Creating Joy, Connection and Wellness through Kinesthetic stories when we're not together. 

Research takes time. So, instead of getting new gear every year, I'm adjusting the logo to represent our current research. Currently, I'm investigating "regeneration" which is a movement in the agricultural world and also in the business world. 

JersyInk is a local company - so in purchasing JCWK Dance Lab merch, you're multiplying your local support. 

The swag they have is SUPER SOFT! 

And Joy looks good on everyone! 

Thank you, Tyson-Schoener Elementary!


Thank you, Tyson- Schoener Elementary School for inviting us into your space and dancing with us! We experienced so much Joy Connecting with you through movement! 

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

November re(NEW)al

 "Autumn leaves shower, like gold, like rainbows as winds of change begin to blow." 

~ Dan Millman

Hi, Friend!

Happy November! 

The change of seasons is clearly evident where I am. The trees blaze with rainbows of orange, gold, red and brown. The morning grass glitters with frost and my breath visibly dance on the air as I exhale. 

What is changing where you are? What has shifted in your world?

For JCWK Dance Lab, September and October were months of pausing after a plethora of performances in 2023. In July, the company began developing monthly hashtags to keep us focused on our mission and engage in some social media fun. #JulyJoy and #AugustAdventure led us into #SelfCareSeptember and #OctoberObjectives. 

We're now in #NovemberRe(NEW)al. (November Renewal)

November reNEWal news! I'm thrilled to share that JCWK Dance Lab has been invited and accepted into the International Human Rights Arts Festival in NYC. The Festival is in December, has five areas of focus, and over 55 performances. We are sharing our latest research project, Regeneration, during the evening focused on Climate Change Action. 

Regeneration is an organic growth from our "We Are StarDust" campaign of the past three years. Like meteorites, we've moved from the stars into the earth and are exploring research initiated by the Rodale Institute. The Rodale Institute is an international leader in soil regeneration and organic farming practices (and is also located in my hometown of Berks County, PA).

I'm over the moon to be recognized for our work in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) and positive social change through IHRAF. I'm also honored that JCWK Dance Lab is aligned with the constellation of social and political stars that support the Festival. Some of them include Norman Lear, Barbara Streisand, and Senator Charles Schumer - learn more by clicking here. 

JCWK Dance Lab is taking this time in #NovemberRe(new)al to root down and grow up from the work of #SelfCareSeptember and #OctoberObjectives. In addition to the performance, we are expanding our outreach workshops for seniors, folks with movement challenges, and Pre-K-12. Click here to learn more about those! 

I'm excited!