Sunday, October 15, 2017

Dancing with Parkinson's

Tower Health in Reading, PA has asked me to lead a 10-week piolet class for people with Parkinson's Disease!

Join me!

Who: You! The class is designed specifically with people who have Parkinson's Disease in mind, but isn't limited to people with PD. Some of the dancers have be diagnosed with other challenges in addition to Parkinson's and have asked for additional dance classes addressing those movement concerns. Dancers of all skill levels focus on mobility, strength, flexibilitly, creative thinking, and problem solving during class - all while having fun and building relationships with the other dancers! If you have PD, come dance! If you're a friend, family member or care giver with PD, come dance! If you are interested in exploring dance to facilite other movement challenges, come dance!
What: Dance classes designed for people with Parkinson's Disease (and others!)

Where: Tower Health Rehabilitation Center

When: Every Monday from 11am-12pm in Classroom 1

Why: Because dancing creates joy, builds community, develops awareness of the self, and keeps us moving!

Questions? Let me know!

See you there!