Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Reaching back, pushing forward

 "One hand holds me in the past. 

One hand pushes me into the future. 

The moment right now is the present. 

It is a gift."

Photo by Thomas Kay Photography. A moment from Dark Adaptation. 

Happy Winter Solstice!

In this season of reflection, I'm taking time to share some of the moments of the past year - where JCWK Dance Lab has been and plans for where the company is going. The mission of JCWK Dance Lab is to Create Joy, Connection and Wellness through Kinesthetic stories so, through that lens...

Joy - Each of JCWK Dance Lab's rehearsals, performances, workshops and classes have provided me with moments of joy. We've had over 50 hrs of rehearsal; led nine public workshops; hosted six episodes of The Greater Reading Area Dance Exchange on; and shared four live, in person performances. I've had so much fun and learned so much!

Connection  - JCWK Dance Lab presents The Greater Reading Area Dance Exchange on The latest episode aired last night. In it, I reflect on some of my earlier work and the through lines that continue. If you missed it, you can watch a similar reflection from 2021 by clicking here. 

Wellness - I'm thrilled to be working with David Leventhal and the Dance for PD team again! JCWK Dance Lab artists are currently training in Dance for PD (Parkinson's Disease). I'm developing partnerships with local hospitals, wellness organizations and senior centers to offer this and Dance for Wellness in 2023. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more, click here to watch a demo and let me know. Thank you to Berks Arts and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts for supporting this training through the Creative Enterpreneur Accelerator Program!

Kinesthetic stories - Performances are scheduled and are coming up! We've been researching Stephen Grieco's Dark Adaptation and that premier performance is schedule in April for Reading,  PA. Click here to learn more about the research and the music! I have a solo show in March with my dear friend, Dr. Mara Parker in Chester, PA. Stay tuned for more updates or check out all of our upcoming activities by clicking here. 

On what are you reflecting? To what are you look forward in the new year? 

Sending you light for all of the transitions of this season! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

National Joy Day

 Today's National Joy day. 

Joy is the first cornerstone of JCWK Dance Lab. 

How do you create Joy?

How do you experience Joy?

Moving together, connecting with ourselves and our communities, developing physical and mental wellness and sharing stories allow us to create Joy!

Join us in the dance!