Friday, August 29, 2014

Tornadoes - Imagery and ideas

I recently returned from the mid-west and was reminded of the beauty in open spaces.

But, it was also tornado season and I'm intrigued by their power and internal silence. During several of my ballet classes, we began playing with the imagery of tornadoes to encourage rotation.

I envision my legs as two tornadoes, swirling side by side, but opening in opposite directions. The center of my leg is solid, strong, sturdy, and quiet, like the eye of the storm. The tornado of my legs begins in the "clouds" of my core. The swirling and rotation begins high and circles, spirals down each leg, gently, almost effortlessly lifting my heels off the ground into releve.

I maintain a solid, stable, quiet core - the "eye" of my dynamic, dancing storm. My shoulders widen, my elbows rotate as I image my upper body also swirling outward. Because my swirling is external - in my limbs, - my torso is unaffected. My sternum and rib cage are not jolted in the power of my external rotation. They are calm, stable, and quiet.

I also engage this juxtaposition of calm center and active, swirling external when I'm turning. Not only is my action a tornado, but inside of the action of the external spin, I have many smaller spiraling vortexes, supporting the turn.

I'm in the beginning stages of playing with this idea and experimenting with the image. Please share any of your own thoughts, ideas, or results from your own use of experimenting with imagery!

Rotation of a piroutte

Image from

Friday, August 22, 2014

Germany, here we come!

KYL/D leaves for Germany to present Mandala Project  at the Internationale Tanzmesse Festival, soon! In preparation, I'm practicing the German songs that I sang when working at Busch Gardens many years ago and trying to learn more German than "Eins! Zwei! Drei! G'suffa!" ("One! Two! Three! Drink!"). (I'm not sure how far that will get me...) I've had a lot of fun revisiting my memories of polka-ing in the Festhaus and meeting some amazingly talented people. Thank you to the people who made that performance experience so very unique!

I'm sharing these fun photos in honor of KYL/D's Eurpean debut and my personal journey thus far. (I received my first drindl at a very young age, and have apparently been preparing to visit Germany for most of my life!) I don't have German in my family tree, but the polka is in my blood! On KYL/D's facebook post with this picture, one of my friends wrote, "Roots, Jess, the roots! There's no escaping nor should there be!" I'm grateful to have an expansive root system!

Here's more info on the festival: Internationale Tanzmesse Festival 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Behind the scenes with the Nora Gibson Performance Project - film shoot

The third level of the old church was grimy and full of what appeared to be once-loved-but-discarded-and-forgotten toys and props. Windows, covered in a film allowed the glowing sun to create a warm yellow fog as it danced between the floating dust. A sense of nostalgia permeated the cluttered space. I'm excited to see how Nora's precise choreography, pointe work, and delicate costumes lend a different narrative to the space - and to how the frame of this setting informs the viewing of Nora's work.

Here are some of the shots from behind the scenes.

Setting up the space

This is what happens with the direction to make "a pretty dancer picture"
shortly after warm up and before shooting begins. 

and this.

At work and behind the scenes

Thanks for an amazing experience!
Beautiful ceiling and windows!

Reviewing footage... can't wait to see the final product!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

InHale reflections and pics

Friday's InHale was, again, an amazing evening of community and dance!

It's a long day - we began tech at 12pm and I'm so grateful to our volunteers and technical crew for their ability to take ownership of the new challenges that always seem to reveal themselves only in live performance.

Buzz. Vibrant energy. Excitement.

Although many elements of the performance are taken care of before tech - the programs, the order of show, the order of tech, advertising, rehearsals, communication - there is so much that happens on the day of the performance as well. I am so energized by the creative energy!

We again, had a packed house for the performance. Bill Hebert came by to take pictures and his Photo Journal is on the Philly Dance Journal. Check it out here - Bill Hebert's Behind the Lens.

Now, the process continues as we organize the audience feedback and share it with the participants. One of our audience members commented that she loves the feedback form because she feels responsible for her randomly assigned artist. "I really have to pay attention to what they're doing and the choices they're making, so I can provide clear feedback. I get excited when it's my turn!"

Thanks, KYL/D for continuing the series! Thanks, to our crew for your dedication and hard work! Thanks, to the artists who gave of themselves so willingly in performance and process! Thanks, to our audience for your enthusiasm and participation! Thanks, Bill, for adding your artistic voice through these pictures!

Choreography: Evalina "Wally" Carbonell
Performance: Ryan Tuerk and Sophie Malin
Photo by Bill Hebert

Me, welcoming the audience to the performance!
Silly talking shot, but it's part of the experience!

Monday, August 11, 2014

KYL/D at Lincoln Center - a few photos from the journey

KYL/D's excited and on our way - Lincoln Center here we come!

We made it! KYL/D at Lincoln Center's Out-of-Doors Festival! What a beautiful day!

Sometimes there's nothing more thrilling than an empty stage before tech
I don't usually do selfies, but if there was ever a time for one... 

Tech on stage
Tech on stage
Behind the scenes, warming up
It's show time!

Performance shots by Chiu Nq Photography

Performance shots by Chiu Nq Photography

Monday, August 4, 2014

Reviews and pics from Come Together

(Please click on the links to read the reviews! Pictures by Bicking Photography)

Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers' Mandala Project

Come Together Dance Journal Review Wednesday, June 23rd

Come Together Broad Street Review, Wednesday, June 23rd

Nora Gibson Performance Project's Simple Restrictions

Come Together, Dance Journal Review, Friday, July 25th

Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers' Be/Longing 2

Come Together, Dance Journal Review, Saturday, July 26th

Friday, August 1, 2014

KYL/D's 22nd InHale Performance Series

July was an exciting month full of dancing adventures with the Come Together Festival presented by Koresh. August is going to be full, too!

August 8th (the day after KYL/D performs at the Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors Festival) is the InHale Performance Series!

Every InHale is special it's an opportunity to bring so many artists together in one space. It's an incredible evening for artists to share their work in the intimate setting the the CHI Movement Arts Center, and it's a chance for audiences to see diverse works all in one place! This August, we have artists from Philly, Virginia, and Michigan. Some artists have been developing their choreographic voice for many years, and some are new to the professional field (although still having been working on their craft in the undergraduate setting). I'm always inspired by the artists of InHale and their dedication to this field.

August 8, 2014
CHI Movement Arts Center, home of Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers
1316 S 9th St, Philadelphia

Performers include:
Alchemy Dance Company
Belle Alvarez
Beth Elliot Dance Group
Evalina (Wally) Carbonell
Julee Mahon and Emma MacDonald
Sattriya Dance Company
Somanaut Dance
Underground Dance Works

Click here for InHale Tickets