Friday, August 29, 2014

Tornadoes - Imagery and ideas

I recently returned from the mid-west and was reminded of the beauty in open spaces.

But, it was also tornado season and I'm intrigued by their power and internal silence. During several of my ballet classes, we began playing with the imagery of tornadoes to encourage rotation.

I envision my legs as two tornadoes, swirling side by side, but opening in opposite directions. The center of my leg is solid, strong, sturdy, and quiet, like the eye of the storm. The tornado of my legs begins in the "clouds" of my core. The swirling and rotation begins high and circles, spirals down each leg, gently, almost effortlessly lifting my heels off the ground into releve.

I maintain a solid, stable, quiet core - the "eye" of my dynamic, dancing storm. My shoulders widen, my elbows rotate as I image my upper body also swirling outward. Because my swirling is external - in my limbs, - my torso is unaffected. My sternum and rib cage are not jolted in the power of my external rotation. They are calm, stable, and quiet.

I also engage this juxtaposition of calm center and active, swirling external when I'm turning. Not only is my action a tornado, but inside of the action of the external spin, I have many smaller spiraling vortexes, supporting the turn.

I'm in the beginning stages of playing with this idea and experimenting with the image. Please share any of your own thoughts, ideas, or results from your own use of experimenting with imagery!

Rotation of a piroutte

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