Monday, December 31, 2018

Re-view. Re-flect. Re-new.

“Re”: a prefix of Latin origin . Meaning again and again.

I’ve REpeated throughout 2018 that this year was “The year of RE-...” During my REflection on this last evening of 2018, I REalized that, despite feeling my world was in a constant state of REcovery, REbellion, and REvolution, I was also the REcepient of beautifully REcycled and REcently discovered gifts of the Universe in 2018.

Over the past year, I’ve REmoved myself from much of the public, virtual sphere to REconnect, REcharge, and RElease myself from REsidual expectations. I REturn to this blog with REverence and REspect for the lessons I learned during the past year. I’ve REduced the many REvelations down to 18 elements for which I’m extremely grateful:

18 REwards from 2018 (in no particular order):


1. Returning to Berks Ballet Theatre to teach and set a new work on the company. The piece, (re)tracing weathered veins, was performed at the Philly Youth Dance Fest in Philadelphia, PA and in Reading, PA. I created the piece to the music of veteran and artist Jude Eden and Reading native Jill Haley (with permission).

2. Engaging in new, raw research that resulted in a solo. Stained Glass physically reflected on aspects of my first year as a mother. AND performing Stained Glass in Reading and in Philadelphia.

3. Co-producting a performance in Philadelphia that benefitted Mary’s Shelter in Reading, PA. Little Things was a part of SOLOWFest. We were able to give a nice monetary donation to Mary’s Shelter along with several things on their Wish List. For me, this was one of the ways I began to understand and develop a relationship with my community in Reading.

4. Getting to know some of Service Learning folks of Penn State Berks’ and Albright College through the This is Reading Dancers project.

5. Presenting at the icommit RIZE Mindfulness Workshop for Youth in Reading.

6. Performing as part of the D.O.T.S. (Dancing on the Streets) Festival in Reading.

7. Collaborating with writer and film-maker Jake Buczewski to re-investigate and re-discover the potential of artmaking while seemingly isolated. AND creating my first dance on camera production in collaboration with Jake Buczewski and premiering it in Philadelphia.

8. Returning to the Lehigh Valley to teach at the DeSales Summer Dance Intensive and as part of the
Lehigh Valley Dance Exchange’s Master Class Series.

9. Developing a Contemporary Dance Summer Workshop series for adults in Reading (and local dancers responding!) resulting in an ongoing Contemporary Dance Movement Practice for EveryBody at The Restorative Center.

10. Leading several sessions of dance classes with members of Alvernia’s Seniors’ College.

11. Celebrating a year of Dance for Wellness classes at the Tower Health/ Reading Hospital Rehab Center.

12. Developing 10 original dance pieces for Widener University and continuing the creative collaborations within the Fine Arts Department.

13. Accepting a position as Artist in Residence at Alvernia University.

And personally...

14. Justin and I celebrated 10 years of marriage.

15. Celebrating Tristan’s first birthday and Baptism.

16. Purging physical, mental, and emotional stuff.

17. Finding a gathering place for like-minded, curious people at The Restorative Center.

18. Rediscovering constant gratitude for family and friends who are on this journey with me and continue to support and challenge me.

What are some of the lessons you learned in 2018?

What are your hopes for 2019?

Happy New Year!

Photo by Mike Hurwitz
Photo by Jake Buczewski

Berks Ballet Theatre performing (re)tracing weathered etchings photo by Julieanne Harris