Monday, August 16, 2021

August Updates

There's a lot going on... 

July 25th - Reading Theater Project's In Nature's Studio was an awesome success! It was really hot and humid, but that didn't stop so many people from coming out to the Reading Public Museum's arboretum and touring the artistry. I was reminded of my days being a street performer at Busch Gardens - so much fun! 

July 30th - A dream of mine has begun to take fruition. For the past several years, I've wanted to discover and highlight dance in Berks County. My company, JCWK Dance Lab, is investing in a service project to do just that. The Greater Reading Area Dance Exchange (GRADE) was born. I created a website (click here) and a Facebook page (click here) and invited me to create a pilot show! It aired on's platforms five times in the beginning of August. You can watch it on YouTube:

August 6th - I shared research on using dance in the digital sphere as part of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education's annual conference. 

August 9th - I led a group of Berks County youth in dance practice and performance. We explored the halls of the GoggleWorks in collaborative team-building/ confidence-boosting/ dance-making in the opening day of RIZE's Solidarity camp. RDG Magazine did an article on the camp. Click here to read more. 

And... Harvest Moon is fast approaching. Thanks, and for sharing!

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