Thursday, January 30, 2020

Dance Artist Reflection - Naked in Our Home

Naked in Our Home
By Sarena Kabakoff

Home gives us a feigned sense of constancy
A totem of trust
It is the door that we open
After we are downtrodden from the day
When our muscles feel weak
And our eyelids long to surrender

It is a place we seek refuge
It is a place we look to reignite our flames
It is where we show the pieces of ourselves
That we hide from the outside
Everything is bared
Naked in our home

HOMEbody. Pic by Thomas Kay.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Reading Theater Project's 2020 Fringe Festival

I'm excited to be participating in Reading Theater Project's 5-Minute Fringe again in 2020!

This year, I'm revisiting Wheels of Light - a solo I created in 2009. The research process eleven years ago deeply influenced my artistic voice.

I'm setting the work on Reading-based dance artist Emily Coppa. Welcome to JCWK Dance Lab, Emily!

Performances are at the Yocum Institute for Arts Education on February 20-22 at 8pm and February 23 at 2pm.

Click here for more info on RTP's 5-Minute Fringe Festival and tickets.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Do It Local!

JCWK Dance Lab's on Do It Local!

As part of my resolution to connect more in 2020, we've partnered with Do It Local - an awesome, community-focused app that offers digital deals from locally-owned businesses.

You can connect, too! Here's how:

1. Click here:

2. Enter JCWK Dance Lab's Membership code when you purchase a membership: FCEC4F63 (A portion of your purchase is donated to JCWK Dance Lab; part goes toward making Do It Local possible and 100% of that goes to getting you discounts from local businesses all year!)

3. Create an account on the website by using your email address and creating a password.

4. Download the Do It Local App onto your phone from iTunes App Store (Apple) or Google Play App Store (Android).

5. Open the Do It Local App on your smartphone and login using the email address and password you created.

6. Start saving! Start supporting! Start discovering more in Berks, Lehigh, and Lancaster counties!

Thank you, Do It Local and all of the folks and businesses who are involved! 
"Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community." ~Anthony Burgess 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Sharing stories on BCTV

Thank you, Meggan Kerber, Executive Director of the Berks Arts Council and BCTV for the opportunity to talk about the Arts in Berks County!

Meggan and I had an exciting and engaging conversation about the possibilities and opportunities in Reading, specifically through the Arts at Alvernia University! Our evening was live on BCTV, but you can watch it over and over again here: