JCWK Dance Lab

Our bodies carry our stories.

Archaeologists look at bones to learn how people ate, carried their posture, how much they exercised, what type of jobs they did, and many other elements of daily life. These scientists look at the body to learn about the individual. Ancient Chinese and Indian medicine associate locations in the body with with physical, emotional, and psychological health.

Our bodies are the way we connect with our surrounding world.

JCWK Dance Lab is an ongoing research project combining education, physical dance practice, and performance. Using dance as its medium, JCWK Dance Lab investigates the relationships between Joy creation, Community, concepts of mental and physical Wellness, and self-aWareness, Kinesthetic, somatic, and anatomical understanding, art making, and non-violent, positive, social change.

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  1. Hi, libramoon! Thank you for reaching out and sharing this information! I'll look forward to more conversations on the Healing Dance Network and http://emergingvisions.blogspot.com! ~Jessica