Wednesday, May 25, 2016

reFRESH with Drexel's FreshDance

Tonight, Drexel University's FreshDance Ensemble premiers a new work of mine - (re)stringing fallen constellations. 

The evening is shared with Drexel student/alumni Alicia Tom and Cara Slemmer, and Drexel Faculty Marci Mamura and Clyde Evans, Jr. Sitting in the theatre during dress rehearsal last night, I was inspired by all of the dedication and work of the students and the professional creative team.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Thank you to our Armed Forces - & art making

Ten years ago I drove onto a Navy base. My little blue car had a red, white and blue silhouette of the famous Iwo Jima memorial with the words "Make Art Not War".

Bold? (My husband still things it was...)

I didn't notice because my car had been wearing the sticker for almost a year.

The sticker declared my support of those in uniform while suggesting that art is a way to create non-violent, positive social change.

I was visiting a friend. Friends. I wasn't randomly driving onto military bases proclaiming that art was a substitute for war.

But I've lived my entire adult life in war and violence. And I have to believe that there's something better, more beautiful in this world than war and its effects. And violence.

I believe in art.

I've been investigating the ways veterans utilize art making and I'm so impressed to see so many voices in music, storytelling, poetry, the visual arts. Thank you!

Yesterday, was Armed Forces Day. Thank you to those who served and are serving.

Perhaps it was appropriate that I discovered this Ted Talk yesterday by Sebastian Junger titled "Our lonely society makes it hard to come back from war." I encourage you to take some time with it:

Perhaps the sticker I should now promote on my car is "Make Art. Not Isolation." 

In this increasing web-connected society, Mr. Junger and many other social researchers are discovering that we are more lonely. More isolated. 

I believe that coming together to share movement can challenge that isolation. Dancing together can challenge isolation. In clubs, in the cafeteria, in the car, in the studio, on stage... We don't necessarily need a platform to move together. 

But - for those platforms that exist on social media, I applaud you! (Have you participated in the #22killpushupchallenge??)

Thank you to all of our Armed Forces, those present and past, for moving together - in drills, in humps, in protecting us, and in the moments you let loose and danced. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

KYL/D's 28th InHale &'s In Process Residency

Friday's InHale!

My dear friend, former student, and InHale tech-goddess posted this on Facebook before the last InHale:

"Soon time for InHale # bazillion!" 
The pic is of the tech set up, with Ashley's notes, and some of the performers warming up. It's a great behind-the-scenes shot and a wonderful reminder of all of the many people who have waltzed through the InHale process. 

We get to share another InHale on Friday! Featuring... 

This performance is unique because we're featuring's Spring In Process Residency Artist, Sam Towers. In Process allows artists space and time to create a new work, receive in-process feedback (if they want it), and present the work in an informal setting at the end of the residency. has partnered with dance spaces across the city to make this residency possible. The summer residency is at The Whole Shebang

And... I've been awarded the Summer Residency! Thank you, and the selection committee! 

Here's more on InHale and the In Process first residency showing.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

KYL/D's HOME at City Hall Postponed

Dancing in the rain might be fun, but it's not ideal for a performance.

KYL/D's HOME/S. 9th St. at City Hall is postponed from May 5th to May 9th. There will still be plenty to celebrate! (Diversity, social justice, springtime in Philly, dance!)

And the show is Free!