Wednesday, May 11, 2016

KYL/D's 28th InHale &'s In Process Residency

Friday's InHale!

My dear friend, former student, and InHale tech-goddess posted this on Facebook before the last InHale:

"Soon time for InHale # bazillion!" 
The pic is of the tech set up, with Ashley's notes, and some of the performers warming up. It's a great behind-the-scenes shot and a wonderful reminder of all of the many people who have waltzed through the InHale process. 

We get to share another InHale on Friday! Featuring... 

This performance is unique because we're featuring's Spring In Process Residency Artist, Sam Towers. In Process allows artists space and time to create a new work, receive in-process feedback (if they want it), and present the work in an informal setting at the end of the residency. has partnered with dance spaces across the city to make this residency possible. The summer residency is at The Whole Shebang

And... I've been awarded the Summer Residency! Thank you, and the selection committee! 

Here's more on InHale and the In Process first residency showing.

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