Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Getting back into the swing of things...

Please excuse the disruption in my writing. I've been traveling and dancing and creating and teaching and thinking a lot in the past few weeks, but I haven't sat down to include you, my readers. I'm sorry! I had also been questioning the purpose of the blog and writing. I've often questioned the purpose of what I was doing. I've been provided many reminders through performing and teaching over the last few weeks.

One of these reminders came as a surprise to see a packed audience for KYL/D's performance in Germany and to learn that the art there was so supported by the government that it was part of the everyday culture of the population.

One of these reminders came in the form of a student question. Nora and I traveled to Muhlenberg during NGPP's residency at Lafayette College to meet with some students and talk about the challenges of living life as an artist after college. "How do you be a person in the world? How do you relate to people who don't understand you." The work we do is important! I responded... and in doing so reminded myself that we, as dancers, work so hard to create beauty and to ask questions of our world, and our work does matter. It's different than the neurologist and the farmer and the psychologist and the construction worker, but we're all different and we need different people to do different things. We, as dancers, create beauty... and create works that build community, challenge societal norms, and question the status quo...

One of these reminders came from a fellow dancer who recommended a book for inspiration. In a admitted moment of self doubt, she prompted, "You'd be surprised at what you offer people and what people have learned from you."

One of these reminders came from a dear family member who, although not entirely sure of what I did or why, was interested enough to sit with me over the fire, ask really intriguing questions, and tried to understand my viewpoint and my art.

One of these reminders came from a fellow artist who, despite personal hardship and challenges, repeatedly throws himself into his artwork and makes himself vulnerable through his process. In doing so, he's touched and changed many lives.

So, I'm getting back into the swing of things with my writing. I'd love to hear what you're interested in and what you'd be interested in learning with me.

Thank you!

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