Sunday, September 28, 2014

NGPP Residency at Lafayette College

Days after I returned from my amazing adventures in Germany with KYL/D, I traveled with the Nora Gibson Performance Project to a residency at Lafayette College.

A GIANT Thank YOU to the Lafayette College faculty and staff and Ben Munisteri! The space was beautiful! The Inn where we stayed was welcoming and cozy! The opportunity to work with Nora for 5 hrs a day was a luxury!

I was almost too engrossed in the experience to take some pictures, but here are a few:

The beauty of the light streaming into the window and creating dancing
shadows on the floor gave me a little extra inspiration after four
hours of rehearsal and pointe...

This was my view from "barre" as I warmed up before each rehearsal.

Best friends! Beautiful shoes. My notebook. Oofos (AMAZING post-pointe shoes!!)
Get Oofos here
(I don't get any proceeds for endorsing Oofos - they just feel amazing and
help after a long day of rehearsal)

Nora working out Math and Composition problems

This is what happens when I asked them to "do something"!
Action shots! Thank you to the Lafayette photographer who also took some images and shared them with us so I could share with you! (There were a lot more, but some of them contained images of students and I didn't want to invade anyone's privacy by posting them). 

Stay tuned for updates as to when the work that we created during this time will be publicly shown! We did have a showing at the end of the residency, but I was too busy dancing to post information about that (Sorry!).

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