Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Behind the scenes with Brian Mengini - Out of Darkness

Thank you, Brian, for creating and sharing this video. I didn't even realize you were shooting a video during our time together!

If you're not familiar with Brian, personally, but you're into the dance scene, you're familiar with his work. His artistry has been used in professional dance magazines like Dance Magazine, Dance Spirit, Pointe, and for promotional material for many studios, training companies, and colleges and universities. Check more out here.

A few days before this shoot, I had lost a dear friend and was trying to process. Kun-Yang often says to "Stop thinking with your head and move. Your body is smart." and, in processing this part of my journey, I needed to do just that.

Here's my earlier post about this process: Out of Darkness Exhibit post and reflection, August

I realize I said I'd be writing more, but sometimes, the movement speaks for itself. And sometimes, the movement is all that can be "said". Here's the video:

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