Friday, August 22, 2014

Germany, here we come!

KYL/D leaves for Germany to present Mandala Project  at the Internationale Tanzmesse Festival, soon! In preparation, I'm practicing the German songs that I sang when working at Busch Gardens many years ago and trying to learn more German than "Eins! Zwei! Drei! G'suffa!" ("One! Two! Three! Drink!"). (I'm not sure how far that will get me...) I've had a lot of fun revisiting my memories of polka-ing in the Festhaus and meeting some amazingly talented people. Thank you to the people who made that performance experience so very unique!

I'm sharing these fun photos in honor of KYL/D's Eurpean debut and my personal journey thus far. (I received my first drindl at a very young age, and have apparently been preparing to visit Germany for most of my life!) I don't have German in my family tree, but the polka is in my blood! On KYL/D's facebook post with this picture, one of my friends wrote, "Roots, Jess, the roots! There's no escaping nor should there be!" I'm grateful to have an expansive root system!

Here's more info on the festival: Internationale Tanzmesse Festival 2014

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