Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mucking around

I finished watching a video of our last rehearsal. I'm performing in Microcosmic Current with seven other very talented women. Videoing the rehearsal allows me to be inside of the piece and reflect on it from a performance standpoint. I have the opportunity to leave the piece ad return to it, often with a different perspective as the choreographer when I come back to the video.

I'm happy with the piece and the structure, but now the questions and the mucking begin to get deeper... is it communicating what I want to say? Am I being effective? Where do I need to speed up the intention - to slow down? I mean the intention of the movement and the shapes in space...Does the arch of the movement need more tension or breath? In picturing speed, I do visualize fast movement in terms of time, but I also visualize very tight energetic molecules bouncing closely in space. If we (the dancers) can extend our movement lines and energy through space (like kite tails?) the speed of the movement and the speed of energetic molecules will create a tension between performer and performer and performer and space. The energy needs to come from within the performers; this is something that will require intensive investigation and direction. I also need to listen to the needs of the work in designing the movement. I must trust my performers with the work and the intention but I must provide them /us with the direction and movement that allows them/us to extend our energy into space. This relationship is delicate, but strong, and when properly cultivated, can (and will) sparkle like a spider's web after the rain. I love this challenge as a performer, educator, and choreographer.

Up until this point, the process has been internally motivated by the body. We will continue to go deeper into the dancing, human body and into the body of the work.

I had a dear mentor tell me once, "You just need to get in there and muck around. Then you'll find it." Writing is part of the mucking process. Being in the studio is part of the mucking process. Opening my senses to smells, sounds, tastes, feelings... sensating without filtering is part of the mucking process. This is all very messy... but it's wonderful and exciting!

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  1. Jess, I've been thinking about this "mucking around" and I believe in anything creative; dance, writing.... you need to muck around the idea in your head if not on hard copy to reach your final goal.I find myself mucking around a lot in trying to deside on decorating, sewing...the problem being I muck around so long some things never are completed. If you muck around to much it's called procrastination. Lesley