Monday, March 22, 2010

More stories from the collaborative studio

Last week, Chris and I spent two hours in his recording studio listening to the music he had created, watching the choreography, and discussing successes and adjustments. It was a luxurious period of just working!

He and I have spent the past month exchanging e-mails, files, and ideas for clarification. After our session, Chris created more layers for the final section and identified each dancer with a melody, chords, or series of tones! He based these musical identifications off of the choreographed movements, the quality of their individual movements, and the things they said in his interviews with them about the process. I'm so impressed with his attention to them, as individual performers and I deeply appreciate his involvement in this exploration.

At our final rehearsal on Friday, Chris detailed the music for the dancers, explaining each musical identification. It was interesting for me to hear 1) how he interpreted the dancers as individuals and 2) how he interpreted the movement as a whole with its swells and dips.

I've been listening to the music almost non-stop for the past week and a half and am so intrigued that in listening, I feel the same vibrations that I felt when first investigating the work. In essence, Chris took what I said about my physical experiences and put that into the music. It should make sense that sound vibrations resonate in my body, but I was and continue to be surprised that the resonations occur simultaneously with the movement descriptions of the felt experience.

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