Thursday, May 26, 2011

Digging for....?

I've taken to watching taped episodes of "The Naked Archeologist."

As we're watching Simcha Jacobovici trek down crumbling clay steps, Justin looks at me and says, "You so wish you were doing that!" Sometimes, yes. I wish I were throwing buckets of mud to my team members and feathering dirt away with delicate make-up brushes. (As a child, I hacked away at my parents' driveway with my father's golf clubs because they were the closest thing to a chisel they had in the garage. oops... we were relegated to the back yard.)

As I close a two-day rehearsal intensive with Angie, I'm not sure what we've found, but we've been digging for something. Investigating something. This piece is not as conceptual as some of my previous work. I'm sure there's something in it, but I don't know what.

In time...

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