Friday, November 18, 2011

Thank you, InHale and KYL/D

According to Twitter, at 11:20pm, the trending phrase (?) is #SoRight.


Thank you to the InHale artists - the choreographers and your dancers. Thank you to the amazing crew. Thank you to Ken, Kun-Yang and Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers for continuing to trust and believe in this process, and allowing it to happen at the Chi Movement Arts Center. Thank you to all of the volunteers from past performances who set the bar high... higher... and higher. Each performance and each year brings growth and strength in a way that makes so much sense. As though the universe has a very clear game plan for development.

I am always impressed by the strength of InHale participants. The craft of choreography is so clear. The design of the space is so defined. The skill of the dancer's technique and execution is... I need to find another word for strong but after being in the studio/theatre all day, I am at a loss. Twitter is correct - SoRight. (But you have to read this as sooooooooRIGHT!)

I love InHale because it provides so many opportunities. It provides artists with opportunities to try out new work or get feedback on established work. It provides performers with an opportunity to practice performing. It provides technicians an opportunity to work closely with professional choreographers and performers to help produce the complete artistic experience. It provides young artists with an opportunity to grow and established artists with an opportunity to intimately engage with the community. It provides the community - artists and audience - with an opportunity to see what everyone else in the community (REGIONALLY!) is doing. It provides KYL/D an opportunity to share their beautiful space. (I love Chi MAC! There's a certain energy that is so calming in the studio!) Speaking from the educators of KYL/D and Chi MAC, it provides us an opportunity to share the professional world with aspiring professionals in a safe, supportive environment. It provides an opportunity for audiences and artists to interact on a non-threatening level.

And I could go on... but you really should experience it for yourself. Our next performance series will be in January. Stay tuned...

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