Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry, Merry... warm thoughts of peace, light, and dance

Merry, Merry Christmas.
Happy Solstice.
Happy Hanukkah.
Happy Kwanzaa.

In whatever language and religion you celebrate this season of transition from darkness to light, my deepest wishes for peace, happiness, and ease in your journey.

A long, long time ago, my very first dance teacher gave this ornament to me.

This small gift has been a reminder to me that someone, a very long time ago, believed in me, as a person and as a dancer. I am very grateful for the many mentors and teachers in my life who have challenged me, supported me, fought with me, and made me a better person and artist. This small gift also reminds me of the responsibility we have as educators, leaders, and adults to be positive examples for our students and children. I am reminded how a small gesture can impact a lifetime.

And I am grateful for the many opportunities there are to dance, and to experience the transformative power of dance, even in small towns across the country.

May you(we) find light in dancing through the darkness.

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