Saturday, February 23, 2013

Work - with an E AND A Q

I stand corrected.

I read today in a Wall Street Journal article that the word sounding like "work" that my student said "with an E" referring to a fierceness of dancing, is actually spelled "WERQ".

All according to the Wall Street Journal, their team of researchers, and the Urban Dictionary. werQ

So, FYI students of academia, although I will appreciate your awareness of pop culture - and the cultural anthropologist in me appreciates your application of contemporary terms in reference to contemporary, critical thinking - if you're going to use the term "werq" please spell it properly. But I recommend actually stating what you really mean and describing the action, without contemporary slang.

Thanks, in advance.

I also refer new readers to my earlier posting on Work with an E.

PS. According to the Urban Dictionary, anything "fierce" is of exceptional quality. Just in case you were wondering.

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