Monday, April 29, 2013

Come together... right now... Over Philly

Koresh Dance Company is bringing together 27 of Philadelphia's Dance Companies in two weeks of performances.

"Sponsered by PNC Arts Alive and DanceUP, "Come Together" is a nine day long festival showcasing 27 Philadelphian companies in 11 unique performances."

Mark your calendars! May 2-5 and May 8-12 this diverse group of Philly performers comes together:

AJ Garcia-Rameau
Koresh Dance Company
Project Moshen
Alchemy Dance Company
Koresh Youth Ensemble
Putty Dance Project
Koresh School
Raphael Xavier
Brian Sanders' JUNK
Kun-Yang/Lin Dancers
Rennie Harris Pure Movement
Carbon Dance Theatre
Leigha Adduci
Sammy Reyes
Nickerson-Rossi Dance
SHARP Dance Company
Evolution Dance Company
Nora Gibson Performance Project
Tara Madsen Robbins
idiosynCrazy productions
Opus 1 Dance
The Rock School for Dance Education
Jaclyn Dunne
Philly Bratt Pack
Tyger B

Get the program schedule here

AND!!! If you purchase tickets for two performances, you can go see a third for free! Where else can you get this much dance? 

I'm performing with the Nora Gibson Performance Project and Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers. Both companies are performing on May 9th. KYL/D is also performing on May 11th. 

And just because I know you want to dance in your seat: 

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