Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Embedded Layers - Physical research

Temple University is presenting me at the Dance Alumni Showcase. I'm honored to be sharing Embedded Layers, in its entirety. Ultimately, I've been working on this project since 2010, with thoughts swirling around my kinesphere for the past few years. This year, I was presented with a challenge and an opportunity.

For tickets, Temple Alumni Showcase Tickets

Rhonda Moore (founding member of Bill T Jones and Arnie Zane dance company), KC Chun-Manning (artistic director of Fresh Blood), Brandi Ou (KYL/D artist), Evalina Carbonell (aka, Wally, and KYL/D artist), Rachael Hart (KYL/D artist), and Cassandra Cotta (NYC artist) will be performing together to music by Tracy Scott Silverman. These women have shared my research journey, but also the torrent of ideas, movement processes, research, and storms of the past few years.

Here's some of my own research:

And some research with KC and her awesome, super hero son:

KC and I were working together and he was sharing space with us. I asked him to participate in some choreographic experiments with KC and he generously agreed. Because of his time and energy, we were able to find some clarity in the process! (We also had a lot of fun, too!) Thanks, dancing super hero friend!

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