Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thank you, Veterans!

Art has the power to heal.
To transform. 
To change. 
To challenge. 

Art has the power to build community and create shared experiences despite time, space, race, religion...

Thank you, Veterans, for protecting this right to make and experience art. In doing so, we are participating in one of the beautiful (and painful) ways we are human. 

"When Winston Churchill was asked to cut arts funding 
in favour of the war effort, 
he simply replied, 
'then what are we fighting for?'" 

Thank you!

Because music is such a powerful way to connect and share experiences, I'm including a few links to some of my personal favorites to celebrate and honor our Veterans. 

In no particular order... (click on the links to see the video. There are also links to purchase the songs on ITunes).

I'm struggling with saying more... these songs and many others speak for themselves. 

Thank you for allowing us to be free and to create and challenge and question, Veterans. It is my hope and dream that we can create an American for you to be proud, of again. 

"Let America be American again..." ~Langston Hughes

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