Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Save the Dates! Happy New Year!

...Annnnd we're off!

Have you also felt the rush of January? I find there's an excitement that comes with the new year. The excitement is paired with empowerment and apprehension. Hope and fear. Possibilities... and possibilities!

And yet, I/we enter the new year with all of the knowledge and experience gained from 2015. And some things of which we need to let go...

So, it's not that new of an adventure, really.

But it is...

Get your tickets! Reserve these dates in your calendar! 2016 is full of dancing!

January 15th - Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers (KYL/D) performs at APAP, City Center Studio 4, NYC. 9:30pm. More info

January 29th-30th - KYL/D performs at Temple University's Conwell Dance Theater. More info

February 1st - JCWK is a Guest Speaker at Temple University

February 5th - KYL/D performs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Art After 5. More info

February 5-7th - The Embodiment Project performs a new work, Unspoken, at An Evening of Duets. More info

February 13th - JCWK is teaching at Birds on a Wire's Dance Flight. Join me, early on Saturday morning (and stay for a full day of dancing!) More info

February 16th-21st - Nora Gibson Contemporary Ballet (NGCB) presents the 2016 Philadelphia Screendance Festival. More info (What is screendance? It's dance particularly made and created within the medium of film.)

February 19th-21st - NGCB presents Ephemeral, a new ballet inspired by time. More info

February 26th - KYL/D's 27th InHale Performance Series More info

Wait.,, there's more!

April 14th-16th - KYL/D's Home Season at the Prince Theater. More info

May 1st - Widener University's Spring Concert - a combined performance of Widener's Chamber Music and Dance Programs. New this year - original musical composition with original choreography and live music.

and more... but that's TBD! Stay tuned!

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