Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Swing into Summer

I have a few days away while visiting family in Texas. The Ranch is a perfect retreat with limited cell and Internet and vast, open spaces. 

But, the summer will quickly swing into gear! Join me at these adventures:

Now- Applications open for the Dance and Creative Placemaking Workshop in Chester:!workshops/j4w9r 

First week of June- Reiki Workshops with Elizabeth Ohmer Pellegrin. Reiki is an ancient healing technique that (in very brief) utilizes the energy of the Universe to focus, heal, and balance the physical bodies, mental bodies, and spiritual bodies. More info:

June 11- KYL/D at the West Park Arts Festival in Philadelphia. I'm previewing a new solo -  "Bookmarked Grief". More info: 

June 13- August 19th. KYL/D's CHI Artists Summer Workshops.

June 13-17- Open classes with Nora Gibson Contemporary Ballet:

June 20-24- AUDITIONSHOP for The Embodiment Project. I'm looking for dancers for projects during the 2016-2017 season. But, if you just want to dance with me and don't want to audition, please come and take class! I'm teaching as part of KYL/D's CHI Artists Summer Workshops M-F 10:15-11:45am. Join me:

June 24-25- Dance and Creative Placemaking in Chester, PA. Join me for a weekend exploring the possiblities of dance and creative placemaking. Widener University and the city of Chester are diong good work bridging the communities through art! Apply here:!workshops/j4w9r

July 4- Happy Birthday, America! (And Happy Anniversary to me and Justin!)

July 18-22- KYL/D's Auditionshop. Register here:

July 23- Showing of "Left Behind" as part of the Summer In Process Residency at The Whole Shebang. More info TBD but here's the location info:


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