Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Breach: Left Behind - The research gets real!

One of my fav quotes:

Last December, Lafayette College requested that I create a dance inspired by and in conjunction with Alison Saar's instillation, "Breach". Ms. Saar was inspired by the 1927 flooding of the Mississippi Riverbed; I received much of her research in the beginning stages of the project.

Reviewing the initial research from Ms. Saar's work left me questioning how I could insert myself into the storytelling process. I had never experienced a flood, but had felt left behind. While visiting Central Texas in late May, the research got (painfully) real.

If you were paying attention to the news and anything other than election coverage was playing in late May (before the shootings and trauma), you might have become aware of the flooding in Central Texas. I had the opportunity (?) to experience the amazing power and destruction of water first hand. In a sense, living my way into an answer...

Below are some images:

A water gap designed to control the flow of the water. The water decided otherwise. 

One of the town roads.
Slightly redundant... 

Heading into the river/ town road. 
That's the top of the truck in the right corner. The water was over the road and
destroyed the fencing along the side of the road. We were only able to get
through because Mr. Ted knew the roads and the landscape so well.
We didn't cross through anything unknown. 

Interstate 6 in Cisco, TX. The entire section of interstate
was swept away.

Check out the final process in September: "Breach: Left Behind"

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