Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Breach: Left Behind -The research gets real! Part 2

In late May, Justin and I traveled to Texas to spend time with family. In Part 1, I shared some of the pictures I took during the flooding of Central Texas when we were there. Parts 2 and 3 contain some of my thoughts...

Reflection 1:
There's a light rain falling. Justin and Mr. Ted went out to check the ranch. I opted to sit under the porch on the swing and watch the water run down the road. It's no less than a river and the running joke of the week is that some people would pay a lot of money for river front property. One of my favorite channels (and Ms. Marsha's too) is HGTV. Mr. Ted and Ms. Marsha also rebuild and remodel houses (in their spare time, which is usually during dusk) in a Chip and Joanna Gains "Fixer Upper" sort of way. They impress and inspire me with their vision, drive, and work ethic.

The water is actually really beautiful. This isn't my world so I don't know all of the trouble that it's causing or that it's going to cause.

Front Porch sittin' - River Front Property?  
Reflection 2:

It's raining again. Ms. Marsha and Mr. Ted are getting phone alerts about flooding in the area. Towns are being evacuated within a 15 mile radius - but that's the closest town. This is the most water some people have seen in their life. The historical records don't specify a need in over 70 years to open the gates and quite frankly, the cities and counties don't know how to because they've never been opened. Whoops... We can't go anywhere because the roads are flooded, but the ranch is a few miles away from the nearest, well, anything including Internet tower. This ability to disconnect is one of the reasons I'm so grateful for the ranch and this time with family. No internet. No cell service. In past visits, Justin and I have driven over 30 minutes to go to a library with Internet. Places like this do exist; but quite honestly, it might just be better if we could all unplug for a few hours. I'm reminded of the importance of being present with the current situation and the people whom I love.  

Big Sky Country - Beauty Follows Destruction

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