Monday, December 19, 2016

Articles about Conditioning

Below is a series I wrote for on Cross-Training and Conditioning for Dancers. Read about the different ways to prepare the body, try a few out, and let me know what your favs are in the comments below!  Need help finding a practitioner in your area? Let me know!

Gyrotonic Expansion System for Dance Cross-Training - with Evalina "Wally" Carbonell

Alexander Technique - with KC Chun-Manning

Pilates - with Jennifer "JMo" Morley

Yoga - with Erin Cella and Ashleigh Penrod

The Tracy Anderson Method - with Kelly Markos

Tabata Training - with Patti Bostick

Beach Body workouts - with Tara Fronczek

JMo demonstrating some fierce Pilates techniques at Drexel Pilates

Do some conditioing of your own at home with The Embodiment Project's Cyber Sharing Week 3.

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