Monday, October 14, 2019

Moving home

Reflections from the dance artists...

"What does it feel like in my body home, when my physical home is changing?
It feels like every cell is a little fist
Tense with anticipation
Like my eyes can only look forward,
And my thoughts and visions are cast out into the ocean of the future
Imagining all the ways my life could be
In my new home

It feels like strength that will not settle
As if in the moment that my body longs to release
There is something in my bodymind that says, no, not yet

You're not home yet

I feel it all through me
My heart, my kidneys, behind my eyes
Like waiting on the edge of an airplane before stepping off to sky-dive

I wonder endlessly about all the unknowns
And my mind keeps trying to plan

My body is learning the language of a home I have yet to meet."

~Sarena Kabakoff

Photo of Sarena performing in HOMEbody. Pic by Thomas Kay

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