Thursday, November 5, 2020

Creativity in the Time of Covid

Covid-19 has presented innumerable challenges (#obviousstatements). 

But, the pandemic also has invited creativity and ingenuity. And persistence. 

I'm Artist in Residence in Dance in Alvernia University's Fine and Performing Arts Department. One of my roles is to mentor dancers and develop opportunities for concert dance at Alvernia. (There are no college dance programs in Berks County). 

Dance happens everywhere and Alvernia University in Berks County, PA is no different. Dance happens here. No matter what. 

Art-making happens here. No matter what. 

In the Spring, Alvernia Theatre Director and now-Chair of the Fine and Performing Arts Department committed to making theatre happen during these strange times. No matter what. 

Zoom-ed. Distance-d. Mask-ed. Phoned in. Filmed. 

This week, Theatre is happening at Alvernia University. Dance is happening. 

I'm so proud of this conglomeration of artists (young and not-so-young) who have banded together and demanded that the "Arts are Alive at Alvernia!" In 2020. 

Now, more than ever, we need to be embodied. We need to connect emotionally and physically. We need folks who will stand up as unconventional leaders who model vulnerability through live performance.

This team is doing that. 

Part of the magic of live performance is its perfect imperfection and impermanence. An element of that can be achieved through digital performances, now. It's imperfect, but it is creative. The doing and witnessing creates an energetic connection between performers, crew, and audience that can somewhat exist through the digital sphere. It's not perfect, but it's innovative and what we have available to us. We'll figure out how to make the most of this moment. 

Check out what's happening at Alvernia this week and next through Alvernia Theatre's YouTube Channel. 

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